Sometimes Life can become jaded, seem like an endless conveyor of errands and events. School, lunch boxes, work, traffic, homework and more work! We all need a sprinkle of  magic and wonder to renew us and revive us. So it came to pass that we got the opportunity to visit the Universal Studios in Singapore. Our group had one grandma, a set of parents (us!) and two children aged thirteen and nine. We were you could say a group that spanned all ages.

The magic starts at the gateway, where Puss in Boots opened the gates for the day. Giant colourful flowers, a red truck with popcorn, bubbles in the air, colourful stores made us feel we were in a storybook.

The first stop was the Madagascar ride. We got seated in a boat that looked like it was made of bamboo sticks and entered a cave through the hull of a giant ship’s model. This of course was straight out of the movie Madagascar. Our boat went through the cave and we were greeted by animatronic spiders, zebras, hippos and the lion Alex.


After this gentle ride we entered Shrek’s castle where we were treated to a 4D show. We watched Shrek, donkey and dragon in action in 4D. When the horses ran, our seats clanged! When they went over a waterfall and crashed we had a small jet of water sprayed on our faces! All in all we had great fun.

Shrek Ride

Our next stop was a roller coaster of none other than puss in boots. Strapped on we first had to go high into the sky just as Jack did on his beanstalk. Then once we were up and could see the park as a bird would, off we went. Our screams, shrieks and shouts made us feel like one terrified unit. Two minutes and many twists later we were back to solid ground. What a thrill.

The next stop was the Lost World, designed after the Jurassic Park. The models, the door all made us feel a part of the Jurassic Park. Dino footprints and dino eggs add to the charm. Not having had our fill of the rides, we got into the Rapids Ride. Round and round we went, up and down the man made stream...then a complete stop and a dead wall. Then whoosh...up and a giant Dinosaur popped it’s very large head above us. Then the doors slid open and down we went, splashes of water. More hooting and shouting. Next we tried the Canopy Flyer. Legs hanging and flying over a canopy of trees, whizzing past, afraid that our toes would touch the branches, when in fact we were well above them.

Lost World
Lost World

Post lunch at the food court, we went to the rides of the Mummy. Here we sat in an old jalopy on rails and went on a peaceful treasure hunt ride.

Shrek Ride

The Transformer series and the Mummy series have  a giant roller coaster and a in the dark roller coaster respectively but we were too chicken to ride them.

Transformer series

We turned into a street designed like 1950s New York and there we saw the Sesame Street Gang in full attendance. First we went on a space ride, that is so beautifully designed. Kids will love it, with their favourite characters Elmo, the cookie monster all waving to them on the way.

Next we went in for a stage show by the characters of Sesame Street on Imagination. Oh, what a show! Choreographed dances, a lovely storyline and much clapping along later, we popped back onto the hot street. At the street corner a boy band belted out some oldie goldies and we felt transported back to a bygone era.

Shrek Ride

We also walked into the Light,Camera, Action show where a stormy scene near the ocean was recreated with sound effects, crashing of beams, a rush of fire in a controlled environment. We realised how much planning goes into the creation of one small scene.

All the walking made us hungry and we trooped into the Universal Studio Starbucks to down some tasty shakes and eat the pita bread. Nourished, off we went to buy our souvenirs at the Universal Studio momento store. Kids can also get their face painted or shake hands with the Minions. We looked at our watches and it was 5.p.m. already. Time to go.

The unanimous feedback from grandma to the youngest was “What a fun day! When will we come back again?”

For parents travelling with very young children, there are strollers to rent, plenty of restrooms and lots of benches to stop and rest. There are several food joints are several and all of them very good.

The Verdict? If you are travelling to Singapore try and spend a day at the wonderful Universal Studios.

A note about tickets: You can purchase the Universal Studios, Singapore tickets from their official website: An alternative is to book tickets through a local travel agent or through a friend staying in Singapore. The local travel agents can get you good discounts on the tickets. Pre-booking also helps you avoid standing in queue to buy the tickets on the day of your visit. Usually, when you pre-book, you are issued a voucher that you can print and carry with you. At the island, there are ticketing counters and self-service kiosks where you can exchange the voucher for the actual entry ticket.