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Two Little Gardeners by Margaret Wise Brown and Edith Thacher Hurd is full of luxurious, verdant illustrations by Getrude Elliot.  made me more curious about this book published in 1951. This is a wonderful little book about growing things.

At the centre of it are a brother and sister who bring out their rakes, spades and other gardening equipment, now that winter is gone. They start by turning, chopping and smoothing the land. They go on to plant little radish seeds, black seeds, round wrinkled seeds of the pea, flat pumpkin seeds and flat lima bean seeds. Here the authors introduce the idea that the seeds are as varied and different from each other as the plants themselves are.

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The children prepare the land to implant the seeds

The wind, sun and rains do their bit and soon under the ground the radishes, beets and potatoes start to swell. With it come other players, like the worms, rats, rabbits all wanting a taste of the delicious vegetables.

Weeds grow too and the children have to remove them. Scarecrows are put in place to chase the squirrels, groundhogs, moles and the like. Soon the garden is filled aplenty, with overhanging fruit and vegetables.

The plants grow well thanks to the sun, rain and fresh air

The children pick the pumpkins, parsnips, peppers and corn. They eat quite a bit and store the rest for the winter.

If you want  children read about both the joy and effort of growing things this is the book. It also talks about the seasons, the many animals that come to eat at the garden as well as how the harvest can be stored for further use.Two Little Gardener is a delightful picture book for young readers that will hopefully motivate them to grow their own little garden.