Ladybird books have been quietly helping children all over the world read. The small hard bound books that retells many classic tales and many new ones are a delight. The stories in beautiful glossy paper with illustrations that captivate the mind of any child are one of the best resources if you have a little one that needs to be taught reading.

The Read it yourself series has four levels.

The first level aims at helping children taking their baby steps into the world of reading. In level 2 children can read short sentences. Simple stories await the young reader in level 3 and level four is for the very confident lover of reading.Ladybird structures their first level readers with many words that get repeated in the book. Pictures too point to the meaning of the lines. This juxtaposition of words and pictures will become the starting point of many a discussion about the characters and events in the book.A good place to start is to look at the pictures with the child and allow them to ask questions and arrive at conclusions, however unrealted they may be to the story. Reading is not just knowing how to read, but to encourage the natural ability of story telling and imagining, so abundantly found in young children.

The book starts with key words used in the book. You can help the child ponder and help the child try reading it on their own. My daughter and I used the phonic sounds she was familiar with  to learn the key words.

The first time after struggling with the words, I rewarded her by reading the story to her.The next day she wanted to read the book again, thanks in part to the beautiful illustrations. This time she read some words on her own and I helped her with the tougher ones. Now we are at the 10th reading and she reads fairly fluently and volunteered to read the story to her father. So she stood and read word by word, stumbles and pauses, rushing through others on a hot summer night reading to her father who listened as he wrote code. This was followed by much praising by her elder sister and me.She also had great fun answering the little quiz and putting the pictures in order at the end of the book.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a Level 1 Read It Yourself with Ladybird book. An abridged version of the original The Tale of Peter Rabbit by beatrix Potter. Peter Rabbit and his sisters are asked to pick berries and not go to the farmer's garden. Peter Rabbit does not listen to his mother and goes to eat the radishes in the farmer's garden. Chaos ensues and Peter Rabbit escapes by the skin of his teeth.

It has been along journey but we have managed her to be a little less scared of reading and more interested in knowing more stories. Her repeated requests to read The Tale of Peter Rabbit tell me that she is hooked to books and reading.

"Listen to the words", I tell her. " The words will lead you with their sound. Don't try to make them what they are not, just let them be and soon they will take you to places and times which you have never known".

She thinks reading is like magic and indeed it is.