17 is the age most teenagers feel they have bid their childhoods goodbye and look forward to adulthood. In ancient Rome most children did not reach this age. A child who crossed 15 was considered an adult in many ways. By 17 some would be enlisted in the army. A young girl of fifteen may already be a mother.The girls and boys of ancient Rome lived very different lives, though. The boys had more freedom, spent more time with their fathers and could pursue a career. Girls on the other hand, had to be content with spinning, walking parks and having babies. They could not dream of a career in the Senate or the court of Law.

Ray Laurence eloquently describes the life of a young 17 year old boy in a TED-Ed video. He also documents the contrasting life of three young sisters in ancient Rome.A glimpse of teenage life in ancient Rome follows a day in the life of Lucius Popidius Secundus.

In this video, we visit the four sisters all named Domitia, in accordance with the custom of naming all girl children in a family with the same name. We learn that Domitia 1 is betrothed to a nineteen-year-old. Girls in ancient Rome were betrothed when they were as young as seven years!

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