The adorable pygmy hog Takuri takes readers through grasslands in India. Stunning illustrations and packed with information Walk the Grasslands with Takuri by Nima Manjrekar and Nandita Hazarika opened my eyes to the grasslands of India.

Each page is filled with the browns, ochres, greens and oranges that  bring to life the grasslands. The authors start by telling us more about the resilient grass, small in stature but big in the eco-system of the grasslands.

Takuri speaks of the Terai, her homeland which she shares with the many inhabitants that range from the Bengal Florican to the Vine Snake. She tells us about Cheetahs who are now extinct. Takuri introduces us to the tiny termites who cover the Terai with their elaborate network of tunnels and hills. She leads us to the Baya or weaver bird as well Warblers, Bushcats, Wagtails and Sandpipers.


Tigers, rhinoceros, Water Buffaloes, Elephants, Tree Frogs and grasses all form part of the amazing grasslands. This beautiful book takes readers through this amazing landscape.

The book discusses how young readers can help save the grasslands. They can do this by visiting a national sanctuary and not wasting food so that more grasslands do not get encroached upon to grow food, the book suggests. Walk the Grasslands with Takuri has been published by Katha publication in collaboration with WWF.

Speaking about her home Takuri says “ The grass in Terai is dense and we have very short legs.But we move quickly because of our streamlined bodies. In Asomiya, the language of Assam, we are called Takuri Borah, meaning spindle-shaped pig. Let me introduce you to mother and her five noisy hoglets.Mother hog is nervous about her babies as they are easy prey for eaglets and pythons.We make burrow throughout the year. But our homes are under attack.Humans are taking over grasslands, leaving us very little room.”

In a world of growing cities, diminishing trees and sparrows it is wonderful to see a book that tells of a natural world that we can as yet save.

You can watch this video on saving the endangered family members of Takuri.