Kids love listening to stories and they want more all the time. Storynory is a great kid-friendly resource which relays fairytales, Greek Myths, adventure stories, mysteries for kids in the clear voice of their narrators. Children can enjoy reading the story as they listen to them.You can listen to stories and poems anytime of the day, simply by going to has original stories, fairy tales, myths and legends, educational stories, junior stories and poems and music. But shouldn't children read stories from books rather than listen to them? Of course, children should read books, but audio tales help children in several ways.For starters, it helps children listen better and with greater concentration. Children enjoy different narrations by different people. Audio tales help children learn the correct pronunciation. Audio books enable children in that they can savour stories well above the level they can read. It introduces greater variety in accents and enunciations.The stories on StoryNory have an HTML 5 audio player. You can also download the app. on your mobile.The text of the story is available below the audio story, so children can read along.


The story's text:


Children can send in their stories as well. Selected stories are converted to audio form.If you have a child with an unsatiated appetite for stories, Storynory is the place for them.