Tattly Temporary Tattoos For Kids

Imagine a scenario where you could get Eric Carle, Julia Rothman, Sesame Workshop, Mike Lowery, Amy Blay, Marc Johns, Helen Dardik, Lim Heng Swee, Oliver Jeffers and Blanca Gómez to name a few to design tattoos that are made of vegetable dye and FDA compliant. Tina Roth Eisenberg has made that scenario possible with her fake tattoo line Tattly. Unhappy with a fake tattoo her daughter was wearing, Tina decided that she must do something to improve the designs of fake tattoos. She hustled, collaborated, spoke and got her company up. Today Tattly receives orders from all over the world.It retails in 40 countries in over 1000 stores.The Tattly tattoos are available as singles or as a set of 8. Sets include the party set, farm animal set, train set, circus set, science set, zoo crew to name some.Temporary tattoos for kids of all ages; safe and non-toxic, made with vegetable dye, brought from USA and FDA compliant. Tattly tattoos are made lovingly by designers; carrots, fishtails, monsters, butterflies, watches, beach balls or ice-creams. Tattly has it all.