The Kiss on the Animal Express: A Kiss for Little Bear

A little bear sends his grandmother a gift. She sends a kiss with the messenger, who finding friends to chat with asks a frog to courier it. A pond distracts frog, who then gives the kiss to cat to pass it on. Cat gives it to skunk and a happy accident later hen takes back the kiss and gives it to the bear cub. All this passing back and forth of Grandmother's kiss ends in matrimony for a happy pair.

Little bear sends a gift to grandma

Little bear sends a gift to grandma

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 Grandma sends a kiss for little bear[/caption]

A Kiss for Little Bear is an adorable book. Yes, adorable. Beautiful real-life animal drawings by Maurice Sendak of Where the Wild Things are fame bring this book alive. A great book for little readers who are on their way from single word to sentence reading. Written by Else Homelund Minarik this book is a treat for children.

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One of the many couriers

A happy ending

 A happy ending

Random House had suggested that the little bear be made a human. Minarik thought better.

I thought to myself, all children of all colors would be reading the stories. All children love animals. The bear is fine. I love them because Mother took me to the Bronx Zoo every day, and I fell in love with the cubs. My bears were a family.

In an interview with Star News, 2006Eventually with bear intact it was published under the editorship of Ursula Nordstrom at Harper and Bros. A Kiss for Little Bear is one among the many of the 'I can read book' series. Enjoy reading and help read this story of love and kisses.