The excellent Rooster Raga by Natasha Sharma and Priya Kuriyan is great read for children. Full of sounds and brilliant pictures, Rooster Raga is picture book one can circle back to several times. Natasha Sharma’s inimitable, easy style is in full force. Priya Kuriyan’s wonderful artwork is sure to delight.

The hero of our story is Ruru the rooster who is definitely not part of the brood. Quite unlike any rooster Ruru gets the day going with a new tune everyday. Ruru never repeats a tune. He is quite desperate to roll out the same tune everyday, just like other fellow roosters but to no avail.

Rooster Raga

Ruru decides to do some market research and talk to other members of the farm about the calls they make. He starts by asking the farm cow.

“Shake your head
Open your mouth
And let out a nice long Mooo!”

Rooster Raga

“Kuka Mooooooo!”, says Ruru.

Cow is aghast, and advices Ruru to ask donkey for advice.

“Stamp thrice on the ground.
Dhap! Dham! Dhap!
And let out a nice loud Heen...Haan!”
Ruru gives it a go -” Kuk Heeen Haan!”

Soon Ruru is asking advice from cat, pig, duck and goat.

Rooster Raga

At the end of the exhausting day Ruru’s head is full of calls except his own. Surely, he cannot do the call for Rooster Day tomorrow!

Crestfallen our hero sits quiet, until the other roosters invite him to crow the next day. Ruru is flummoxed. The rooster explains, “Oh we can all kukaroo kuroo, but none of us can make up the wonderful tunes you can, “join in the other roosters.  “Each time you sing, it’s different!”

Rooster Raga

Ruru is delighted and sings his unique call full-throatedly. Ever so often, children wonder and doubt their abilities. They are both unique and special, but don’t feel that way often. They can draw from Ruru’s example that only they can do what they do and the world will celebrate their abilities. Why blend in when you can stand out?

You can buy the book here: Rooster Raga by Natasha Sharma and Priya Kuriyan