You, Your Child And School: Navigate Your Way To The Best Education

Sir. Ken Robinson Talks About How Parents Can Give Children The Best Possible Education to Their Child


Selecting a school for your child can be a harrowing business. Some brave parents enroll their children and rely on the school to make sure their child can read and write. Increasingly though, parents are feeling that their child has unique learning needs and most schools are simply trying to fit them into the same pattern. Then there are questions about which kind of school to put the child in - is it based on curriculum, teacher-student ratio, a, greater focus on creativity,

or the sciences, differently paced education- and so on. 

Even after your child is admitted into a school, the mind wavers. This is especially true when the child complains about issues or methodologies. Sometimes as a parent you wonder if your over-anxious child can hold up in the rough and tumble of school life.

Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica have co-authored a wonderful book called You, Your child And School: Navigate Your Way to the Best Education.

The books to help parents in three ways according to the author. Firstly, what kind of education do children really need these days that will help them, especially since education has undergone several changes from when we were parents. Secondly, to understand the challenges education throws today. It could vary from the educational policy to the needs of the times we live in. Finally, how to actually navigate these challenges and ensure the child learns while getting an education.

It is an important book about education and how to manage our expectations as parents realistically. This coming from Sir. Ken Robinson who cautioned us that we must treat all learning as important and not just focus on learning that is done by the head, long before anyone else is truly worth reading. Never one to give advice, he helps us better understand the environment of learning that is needed and what is available quite clearly. one can be sure to come out on the other side of the book with a better perspective on education and a better understanding on how to help your child get it, within or outside the classroom.


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