Why Is He Doing That?

A Picture Book About Understanding Autism


Gerald is an 8-year-old who is different in some ways from his classmates. Rachel M Cueller's book about an autistic child Gerald in Why Is He Doing That? aims at helping children understand those on the autism spectrum. 

In her page ( the book the details the purpose of the book. Why Is He Doing That?" is presented in a way to encourage acceptance, kindness, and inclusion of students with Autism with simplicity and love, because we are all different, just like everyone else! The book goes through different senses such as stimulation, noises, social skills, and difficulty in change of routine. The purpose of the book is to encourage children to be comfortable to ask questions and be empathetic through inclusion. Rachael enlightens the understanding that every child is not giving you a hard time, but that they are having a hard time.


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