Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer:The Spirit of the Civil Rights Movement

The Story of A Powerful Civil Right Activist


Fannie Lou Hamer is now known as a civil right activist, when what she was, in reality, was a force of nature! Fannie the youngest of 20 children in an impoverished home faced great difficulties. When in her 40's she registered to vote. She went to vote and was beaten up because she was black. She fought long and hard to win the right to vote. Written in free verse by Carole Boston Weatherford and illustrated impeccably by Ekua Holmes, the book evokes the spirit of Hamer and her determination to ensure the right of African-Americans to vote and participate in the democratic process of their country.

The book though focused on a heroine of the American civil-rights movement, urges us to learn from Hamer's story that the vote is a hard won right. A right that we must exercise for our country and people. This powerful book about a fighter and a leader is highly recommended.


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