Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different

Celebrating Men Who Broke The Mould


The world abounds with men and their achievements. Why on earth should anyone write a book about them? Men too don't have it easy. They are often expected to be a certain way, be 'tough' or do 'manly' jobs. However, no person is the same and men like to do different things. Some like to break cyphers, some love to conserve the environment, some men don't think that not having a foot is a problem when it comes to running a race and still, others use sunflowers to convey the message of freedom.

With more than 90 short biographies, Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different are for boys and girls who don't fit the stereotype. It encourages them to follow their dreams, however off the track they may seem. 

Some of the bios are about familiar names- Barack Obama, Harvey Milk, Alan Turing, Daniel Radcliffe- but some are about brave boys who overcame obstacles to speak and do freely what others were afraid to do. 

In the end, this book is a celebration of the human spirit and young boys will find role models in these men who dared to make their own path with unequalled courage and kindness.


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