Shackleton's Journey

An Explorer Of The Snow Pushes the Boundaries


An amazing tale of endurance and courage -Shackleton's Journey- explores the trip by Shackleton and his crew after their ship Endurance is stuck in the snow. The crew then scrambled to cross the ice and impenetrable white to save their lives, hoping to be rescued. Shackleton's Journey is the true story of how Shackleton and his crew survived against heavy odds mostly due to their grit and courage. They managed to survive this epic adventure and this book is a testament to their great courage and endurance.

We love this story because often times we get stuck in difficult problems while studying, or interacting with friends, sometimes while we are out on little adventures; if we give up or lose heart we cannot come out of it. We can draw inspiration from Shackleton and his crew and persist. William Grill's words and pictures bring Shackleton's journey to life and inspire us to never give up, no matter how difficult the situation.


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