Scholastic has put together a gorgeous picture encyclopaedia on Dinosaurs. This beautiful book in A4 size glossy paper feels great to hold and view. A wonderful visual classification of Dinosaurs and the eras in which they appeared is provided. 

Each dinosaur is given its pride of place. Detailed and rich pictures/illustrations are accompanied by an explanation. Dino snapshot data which gives us the length, weight, height and diet of the dinosaur are also provided.

Details are very child-friendly. Take these facts about the Triceratops for instance:

An adult Triceratops was three car lengths long and almost as high as a one-storeyed building. It weighed more than two African elephants but could charge faster than a rhino when on the attack or when it was really hungry.

This gives the child a pretty good idea about the size of the Triceratops.

Maps with where the dino fossils were spotted or were known to have inhabited are also given. 

The illustrations are accompanied with further facts. For example, we learn that the Triceratops frill was not just for show but kept it warm or cool depending on the weather.

A special treat for Indian children is dinosaurs spotted and found in India. They include Titanosaurus Indicus, Kotasaurus, Laevisuchus Indicus, Rajasaurus Narmadenis. A note on dino eggs, fossils and a short glossary make this an altogether covetable book.

Get your copy today. Happy reading.


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