Which of us has not wanted to run away sometimes from our mother's tight, sometimes too tight embrace of love and care? The wheels of Time do go round and round and in time our children want to run away from our embrace. Margret Wise Brown in her splendid book The Runaway Bunny covers this very topic. 

Little Bunny wants to run away from his mother and he clearly tells her of his intents. He wants to be captive no more. His mother tells him that she will not leave him no matter what. Little bunny starts throwing the various things he will turn into to escape her and she unruffled that she too would change to be with her little bunny. After many iterations, little bunny finally realises that wherever he might go his mother's love will be with him always and he decides he would rather stay in her arms and not run away.

We loved the unconditional love of the mother and the questioning cheekiness of little bunny. His questions seem more of a test for his mother. Any adult who loves a child as a parent, teacher or caregiver knows that children want to know how deeply they are loved from time to time and they surrender when they know it is a deep spring that will replenish them always.


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