Penguins and Other Sea Birds

Our friends from the aqua


Matt Sewell's descriptions of sea birds will amaze you and make you laugh with pleasure for the way it is written. Sample this.

As penguins go, this guy is the boss, the sultan of the Antarctic snow. The star of Hollywood movies and blue-chip nature documentaries; so high and mighty among his penguin peers that he alone was chosen to represent his species on the wrapper of my favourite chocolate biscuit. In his Olympic wetsuit, with eyes darker than Ozzy Osbourne's Ray-Bans, the emperor is the biggest and heaviest of all known penguins- weighing the same as a fat Labrador retriever and standing as tall as the dog on its back legs.

This engaging writing is accompanied by Sewell's pop art illustrations. Some of the birds covered in the collection are Razorbill, Puffin, Great Auk, Australian Pelican, Surf Scoter and Osprey to name some.


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