P Is for Pterodactyl:The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

A Surprising Book About Alphabets


P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever by Raj Halder is such a fun alphabet book. Halder a rapper is clearly in love with words and in this book he picks words that begin with words that begin with a letter but are pronounced without it! English is strange and even if a letter is redundant in a word, it simply won't part with it because it loves it. So ptreodactyl begins with a P but is spoken without it. Czar begins with a C and should be spoken as C-zar but is simply zar! 

This is a great book to introduce mind-bending words to kids and rekindle a love of words among adults. Word nerds will love this book. You can find more such words with your kid, on a word-hunt if you please.


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