The Soviets fired an earth satellite in 1957 lighting the fire of imagination and rockets in an American boy in a small mining town. Egged on by his science teacher Miss. Riley, the high school boy Homer sets out to make rockets. He gathers three of his schoolmates and they get down to learning, improving and making rockets. Their experimentation does not always go down well. Homer has to contend with his father John, a mining supervisor, who wants Homer to join him in the mines. The boys persist and they make it to the science fair. This leads to new opportunities and a new life for Homer and his family out of their failing mining town. This movie is a great view because it shows how science and learning often show the way forward. It also shows that children and parents may not always agree on the best way forward. Miss. Riley a pivotal character, is the teacher who guides the boys and encourages them whenever they are discouraged or in doubt. October Sky is based on the life of Homer Hickam who went on to join NASA. Life favours those who aim high and are not afraid of obstacles, is the underlying message of this inspirational movie.
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