The Mystery Of The Secret Hair Oil Formula

Asha Nehemiah's Delightfully Oily Story


M alu Patti or grandmother enjoys her industrious life as a Math teacher until she decides to make the secret hair oil formula her father or Appa formulated. Thanks to the oil many a bald scalp becomes a full head of hair. But even worse is that someone wants to steal the formula. Who can it be? And why? Malu is stirred but not shaken. 

Author Asha Nehemiah takes young readers through this mystery which will make your hair stand on end with anticipation and excitement. Nehemiah's words will make the reader smile and flummoxed in turns.

"Malu Paati was running out of places where she could hide the secret paper. The thieves had broken into her house several times already, but luckily, they had not found the secret paper so far. When she had hidden it in her kitchen, cleverly folded to fit between two slices of bread in the bread box, the burglars had searched her bedroom instead. Then, she shifted the secret paper into her bedroom. She removed the batteries from her torch and put the paper in the battery compartment. That was the time the burglars had raided her kitchen, emptying the sacks of rice and onions and even pouring out the coconut oil from the jar in their frantic search for the paper."

Gripping, no?

Illustrations by Amit Vachharajani further add to the fun.


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