Mindset: The New Psychology for Success

Helping You and Your Child Develop a Growth Mindset


Can we empower children from the get-go? How can we not pass negative messages to our children? Carol.S.Dweck puts forth the powerful idea that we humans are designed to learn and grow all the time. We are capable of great things because we can adapt and grow. Somehow many of us believe that we have fixed abilities and mental resources. She presents two mindsets - the fixed and the growth. Through numerous examples and findings from studies she illustrates how powerful the growth mindset can be and how as parents and teachers, children imbibe the messages we pass on to them.

This book is unmissable for any parent or teacher who wants to help their children and themselves realise their true potential. Once you read this book you will catch yourself several times with the fixed mindset, but with mindfulness, you can switch to the growth mindset.


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