Mallko and Dad

A Father's Journal Of Love To his Son with Down Syndrome


Mallko and Dad by Gusti is an ode by a parent to his son, who is born with Down Syndrome. Gusti finds it hard to accept his differently abled child but soon he is overtaken by Mallko's love and realises that it is he who has to change as a parent. In this book, Gusti records Mallko's everyday in journal style.  Parenting is an acquired skill, where parents have to learn that there are different kinds of children and that you must love what you get, not what you want. A tough lesson indeed, but once understood changes them forever for the better.

In his review of the book Michael Cart writes,

"'Sometimes having kids is like making a drawing, ' Argentinian artist Gusti writes, 'it doesn't come out quite the way you were imagining it.' It quickly becomes obvious that the kid he's referring to is his son Mallko, who was born with Down syndrome. 'At first, I did not accept him, ' Gusti candidly admits but time will change that and it's soon obvious that he has come to love his son, whom he now calls 'the greatest.' This unusual book offers a glimpse of their quotidian life together, along with the boy's mother and older brother, who loves his little brother unconditionally. In form the book resembles a scrapbook with its text often hand-lettered and filled with the artist's have illustrations, sketches, and the occasional small photograph showing Mallko playing, bathing, drawing, eating (or refusing) breakfast, doing, in short, all of the daily things children do. The result is charming and touching but it invites the question of who the book's audience will be. Though younger children will identify with Mallko, now 11, the book's attitude and style are quite sophisticated with obvious appeal to adults. Happily, however, the book's implicit theme is a universal one: the power and importance of love."-- 


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