Symbol to Speech App for Autistic Children


Lyra is described by Cat Noone, the co-founder behind Lyra the symbol to speech app designed to help autistic children. "Lyra is a type of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) system. And while many AAC systems have been helpful in increasing children’s communication skills, we knew from our own experience (some of our co-founders have lived in the world of autism personally and professionally for quite some time now) as well as the countless conversations with other parents that there needed to be a more intuitive, technologically advanced, and affordable solution. A product that would be easier for parents and therapists to set up (and not feel mechanical to ‘program’), and one that would be designed specifically for children on the autism spectrum who struggle with verbal communication. Simple, focused and beautiful. Our voice and in turn our means to communicate are what enable us to participate in our communities and share our identity with the world. But for those who struggle to make words with their own voice, that connection can be lost. With Lyra, your child has a voice at their fingertips, and we can’t wait to hear all they have to say. Because early intervention is key to success, it's our mission to ensure Lyra is used by every child that needs it. "

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