What are You Glad About? What are You Mad About?

A Collection Of Poems About Feelings On The Inside


What Are You Glad About? What Are You Mad About? is a collection of poems by Judith Viorist. Children can feel a gamut of emotions but find it difficult to put it in words. Happiness can come in a range of flavours - bouncy happy, calm happy, halfway happy, happy as a peach or sunny happy. As can sadness or irritation.

If you had just one color to paint the whole world,

Would it be orange or gray?

If you had just one message to give to the world,

Would it be grr or hooray?

If you had just one place you could live in this world,

Would you choose here or away?

What are you glad about?

What are you mad about?

How are you feeling today?

This collection of poems is sure to make children laugh but also identify with the ups and downs of every day.


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