The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau

The Untaught Genius Artist


Henri Rousseau had a dream. He wanted to be a painter. It was true he was 40 and that he collected tolls at the booth, but Henri wanted to paint. And so he did. Year after year well into his 60's. He used almost all his money to buy art material and he was happy to eat the same stew the whole week because all he wanted to do was paint.

He often visited the Botanical gardens and drew the ferns, rainforest trees, lions and other fantastical sights which he often dreamt about. Henri thought art critics would love his work, but no they laughed at him and said he drew like a child.

But Henri continued to paint because he loved painting and he just had to. He did not let their harsh words stop him from loving his beloved art. Today Henri's work is considered amazing and full of spirit.

Just like him we too should tend to our dreams and never let the flames be put out. 


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