Children of Heaven is a movie by Majid Majidi. This Iranian movie has two siblings Ali and Zahra at its heart. The two children are aware of their family's poor financial condition. They keep the secret of Ali having inadvertently lost his sister's much-repaired shoes. The children devise a clever plan to keep the news secret from their father. Like all plans, it has many flaws and many difficulties, but Ali and Zahra persist. When it is announced that a race in school has a pair of shoes for the third place, Ali decides to give it his best shot. The movie is much loved for its authentic depiction of life in Iran. The central characters all tug at our heartstrings for their strength of character. The children in particular shine in how they understand and help in giving support and strength to their parents. Children of Heaven opens our eyes to how children live in a different part of the world and the sacrifices parents and children make for each other to keep their family going. In doing so they weave strong bonds of love amongst themselves. An unmissable film.
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