Be The Change: A Grandfather Gandhi Story

A Story About Not Wasting and Being Non-Violent


​Be The Change: A Grandfather Gandhi Story, by his grandson Arun Gandhi informs us that we each need to be the change we want to see in the world. Gandhiji believed that when we wasted, we helped create an imbalance and that leads to passive violence-resentment and anger. It is important he felt that we do not waste or use anything more than what we really need.

This lesson was learnt by the author as a young boy, when he carelessly threw a pencil stub away and was asked by his grandfather to search for it and bring it back. Everything must live its full use, before it is discarded.

He felt that in a world with so much wanting, wanton wasting and consumption were to be eschewed.

Illustrations by Evan Turk with its layering are simply brilliant. 


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