Carly's Voice

An Autistic Girl Speaks Loud And Clear For Others Like Her


C​arly's Voice is the story of a dad talking about his autistic daughter. He traces the journey of finding about Carly's Autism, the challenges to raise her and the inability to communicate with her. Thanks to behavioural therapy Carly first expresses herself for the first time at the age of ten. 

Carly's voice is remarkable for its story and writing which will engage you and never make you feel sorry for Carly but understand her better. Arthur her father writes about raising his other two children with Carly in the house. The family comes together to protect and help Carly. He speaks freely about interactions with Carly's doctors, people on the street who encounter Carly and her stims. 

Today Carly is a vibrant young person with many people who follow her and reach out to her for help about their autistic children. She uses the public forum to talk about Autism so that people may understand it better.


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