How Can I Talk If My Lips Don't Move

An Autistic Person Explains What Goes On Inside His Head


T​ito Mukhophadyay was born autistic and expectations of him speaking let alone writing were slim. But Tito was blessed with the most remarkable mother Soma who was totally committed to her child. She started by prompting Tito and talking to him as he went about tasks. Her work with Tito led to the development of the Rapid Prompting Method, in which cues are constantly given to the autistic child. The results were remarkable. Tito started writing poems at the age of eight and continues to be deeply interested and conversant about literature. 

In this book Tito helps us 'outsiders' take a peek inside his mind and what most of us see as oddities make perfect sense to him. This book is a unique opportunity to understand a thoughtful, creative person who happens to be autistic. His autism gives him a unique perspective which will make us rethink how we perceive nuero-atypical children.


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