Bullying: The Ultimate Teen Guide (It Happened to Me)

A Guide to Tackle and Understanding Bullying


โ€‹Bullying is a sordid business. The abuse of power so young to shame and hurt a fellow human being is despicable but an unescapable reality in schools today. Where there is a bullied child there is a bully. Mathangi Subramanium's book tries to understand the problem of bullying both as the bullied and bully and how the community can come together to ensure bullying is not accepted.

She feels that the bully too is facing challenges. Probably an unstable home situation, poor self-image, depression or denial. In turn, they lash out at innocent victims, other children who are vulnerable and gentle. These victims feel great shame and inadequacy for no fault of theirs and these bullying events usually scars them for life.

She offers solutions to the teen on how they can tackle bullying or stop bullying. It is noteworthy that she speaks of the witnesses, people who stand and watch without intervening. All in all a good book to read to understand and handle bullying better.


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