The Book With No Pictures

The Best Book for a Read Aloud


The Book With No Pictures may appear to be a disappointing buy for its target audience 3-5 years. Start reading the book to a child and be faced with loud laughter! Booboo butt, monkey robot and monkey voice are just some of the phrases in the book that work as sure shot laughter buttons. B.J.Novak's book is sure to make children see the playfulness of words. With a minimum of words that are high on impact with their varying font, The Book With No Pictures makes the idea of an un-picture book very appealing.

The New York Times review states:

 An aging semiotician might approve this recognition of the reader’s complicity with a book’s invisible agenda. For his part, Novak exploits the seeing-through device with abandon. The (presumably adult) reader is made to sing, issue nonsense sounds, extol the superiority of the child who is being read to, and say things like “I am a monkey who taught myself to read”​


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