Angry Akku

A Story About Understanding and Tackling Anger


Angry Akku is a great story parents can read to understand how to validate a child's anger and help them find  a way to come out of it. The winner of the Hindu Young World Goodbook Award 2019 for Best Picture Book​, Angry Akku is a great story to be read in classes everywhere.

The story's protagonist Akku is in quite a mood. Her father picks up on this quite quickly when she says the sunflowers are too yellow! Her father cajoles her into having something to drink and eat. This improves Akku's mood only marginally. Her father then gives her a paper to draw. She draws objects and explains their role in ticking her off. More drawing later Akku is feeling more even tempered. 

We loved that the story had a hands on, loving dad who was sensitive to his daughter's anger. He chose to help her let out steam constructively rather that telling her 'to behave'. This wonderful story is both an aid and a lesson to parents and caregivers that children have bad days too and they need a way to express their anger and dissatisfaction. Words and drawings by Vinayak Varma.


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