Amrita Sher-Gil Rebel With A Paintbrush

A Poignant And Insightful Picture Biography About The Life And Craft Of Amrita Sher-Gil


Anita Vachharajani and Kalyani Ganapathy have combined their superpowers of writing and illustrating to bring out a stunning, insightful and hugely informative picture biography of one of India's most prolific and talented artists  Amrita Sher-gil.

Amrita Sher-gil Rebel With A Paintbrush is a layered, nuanced book that is written for children and young adults who love art. The book goes beyond simply describing Amrita's childhood and youth. It provides great context with a parallel narrative of the life and times of Amrita. The third perspective provided in the book is about the various art movements like impressionism and post-impressionism.

Amrita Sher-gil was truly a free spirit, who revelled in the colours of life. In her lifetime she sought colour, form and beauty. And just like the beautiful butterfly that she reminds us of she died quickly at just 28 years of age. But not before leaving an impressive volume of work that we continue to admire and learn from. 

The book traces her life through many countries; the very liberal and supportive childhood she enjoyed; her deep love of Indian art and sculpture, her Europen training and her very unconventional lifestyle. Above all the book is successful in capturing Amrita's free and indomitable spirit, even in the face of great opposition. 

This is a book that young readers can marinate in, open their eyes to the best art schools in the world, ponder about the importance of preserving and nurturing one's creative voice. The book has Amrita's many original works which makes this book so much richer, as does the author's explanations of how they came to be drawn. 

The double delight that readers can revel in apart from Amrita's art is the art of Kalyani Ganapathy. The watercolour images, complement nay enhance this beautiful book. Anita Vachharanjani's craft in weaving life events, art movements and bringing alive how Amrita led her life makes this book a treasure.

Little Kulture highly recommends this book to everyone who loves art and who wants to know more about the dazzling artist and person that Amrita Sher-gil was.


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