Home: Birds, Animals, Insects and Humans: Where Do They Live?

A Kavad Or Story Box Book For Children By Nina Sabnani


Nina Sabnani's Home is created in kavad style. The kavad is a unique way of Indian story-telling in which the storyteller uses the three-dimensional story panels to tell one of many hundred stories. It is usually the size of a small cupboard. This would be done in a layered fashion, with the story-teller revealing one panel at a time. The next panel would be opened after receiving donations for the first! Finally, the storyteller would open out the entire Kavad to show the audience the gods and goddesses. Stories were passed through the generations, with each kavad storyteller recognizable by his own unique style.<\p>

Sabnani has adapted the beautiful and intricate style of the kavad for children in her new offering Home: Birds, Animals, Insects and Humans Where Do They Live? Children can use the kavad style book to ideate, string different stories and try and understand the idea of home. Every living creature seeks a home, a place of shelter however different they may be from each other.<\p>


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