Some Writer: The Story Of E.B.White

An Outstanding Picture Biography About The One And Only E.B.White


E.B.White was one of the greatest writers of human nature and history. His books for children Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little, and The Trumpet of The Swan are loved for their ingenuity, wit, and characterization. His essays impact adults to this day. One such person was illustrator Melissa Sweet who admired White's work and wanted to introduce this complex and interesting writer's biography.<\p>

She sat with White's grand-daughter and traced his history. She also used several secondary sources to piece together his life and work. The book too is presented as a collage, with information presented in bits and chunks, till the reader begins to get a fuller understanding of White the person, behind the writer.<\p>

A shy child, happy in his large family E.B.White fell in love with writing as a young child. His upbringing, his frail health, his love of the outdoors and animals made him a writer with great compassion and strength making him a reader's darling. Sweet's effort and mastery is evident in this book. <\p>

A great book for all children about a great writer and thinker by a great visual storyteller<\p>


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