Pablo Neruda: Poet Of The People

A Book About A Poet Who Loved People and Fought For Their Rights


Pablo Neruda was the pen name of the poet who was born as Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto. Pablo started writing poems by the age of ten and was encouraged by his teacher Gabriela Mistral. 

He was a prolific poet and a career diplomat. He was moved by the poor working condition of miners in his country and he wrote about it in his poems. He was involved in several struggles for workers and his poetry amplified this. It is his deep love and bravery to fight for his people's rights that made him so dear to the citizens of Chile.

Pablo used his pen as a sword against injustice and as a pen to capture the many beautiful things and people in his country. Monica Brown's words and Julie Paschikis pictures capture the poet of the people Neruda was.


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