The Centre for Indian Music Experience (IME)

An Amazing Musical Museum in Bangalore


The Centre for Indian Music Experience (IME) is a museum dedicated to honouring India's musical tradition and helping bring it alive for the youngsters of today. The museum's home is a one hectare in south Bengaluru’s Brigade Millennium Enclave, and has eight thematic galleries showcasing various aspects of Indian music. Some of the highlights are an instruments' gallery with 250 musical instruments, and several computer-based interactive installations that allow visitors to experience the process of music-making. The museum's interactive multimedia galleries, performance venues and learning spaces, the centre will help viewers explore India’s cultural nuances through its music which ranges from classical to folk, regional and Bollywood. IME’s Sound Garden takes visitors through a guided tour through sound, vibration, frequencies and resonances through musical sculptures such as xylophone tables, metallophones, plate gongs, tubular bells, wind chimes, humming stones and reeds.

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