101 Things for Kids to Do Outside

Or What To Do Without A Screen


What does one do without a video game or a mobile phone? Go Outside, you say? Really? What on earth can one do outside?

101 things, says Dawn Isaac and most of them are things you've never done, ever. Not convinced? Well, here you are then. Have you ever - built a weaver bird's nest, or a potato tower or a potion lab or built a mini rockery? Have you made nature rubbings, built a crawl tunnel, held mini Olympics or held a ball battle? If you haven't and want to but don't know how to, 101 Things for Kids to Do Outside is the book to have.

You are guaranteed a fun, fun time and all your body parts including those gears in the brain are going to move a lot, you're going to learn a lot and have some great things to share.

Go outside already! 


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