Who hides behind the flap? Peek-a-Who by Nina Laden is a hoot for babies. They will love guessing what next, as well as the repetitive 'Peek-a'. Children are introduced to a hidden word behind the peek-hole.Nina said she in an interview with Publisher Weekly, that she was inspired to work on Peek-A-Who because of her friends.

All my friends were having babies at the time, and I wanted to give them a present that was intelligent and fun, but wasn’t a typical board book,” she said. “So on a whim I came up with the idea of a guessing game through a die-cut window, ending with a foil panel that worked as a mirror, so that children see themselves. And I played around with some materials to find the right medium to use, and stumbled onto the idea of making fake woodcuts, painting the paper black and then painting over that with acryla gouache, which has the best qualities of both acrylic and gouache.

Nina Landen, author and illustrator of the peek-a-who books

Little ones will love playing the peek-a-boo game over and over again.

Also by the same author is the delightful Peek-A-Zoo. Tiger, kangaroo and cockatoo are all summoned for the pleasure of babies!

Both the books are a great place to start for tiny tots and little readers. The books have the element of fun and suspense. What lurks behind the peeking hole?