Orange Pear Apple Bear is a clever little book Emily Gravett's awesome book for aspiring readers. Playing on just 4 words in the title, this delightful book coupled with Gravett's inimitable water washed illustrations, will quickly become a firm favourite.

Gravett reveals how Orange, Pear, Apple Bear came to life. She calls it a 'fluke book'. Emily was busy trying to complete a project, her grammar companion by her side on a weekend. She went to bed, without much done and woke up with the words orange pear apple bear swimming in her head. Fortuitously, it happened to be mother's day and she asked her family to leave her alone as a gift. And they did. She worked with these four words and the appropriate punctuations to complete her project. An award-winning book in one day!Do pick it up for a child who is yet to start reading.