A picture book that tells the endearing story of Jane Goodall, primatoloist as a child and her toy Jubilee as they explore the world around them. This becomes the bedrock on which Jane builds her vocation as a keen naturalist and conservationsist.

This picture book by Patrick McDonnell traces the origins of Jane's interest in animals, her habit of observing and understanding. Little Jane is a curious child who loves the living world that is abuzz with action. She receives a stuffed chimpanzee Jubilee and the inseparable pair discover new things together. One day, she sneaks in with Jubilee into the hen's coop to watch how a hen lays an egg. The experience leaves her exhilarated. It is as if nature has revealed some secret to her. Little Jane makes copious notes of all the animals she observes or reads about. Listening, watching, observing and documenting are the foundations of Jane's monumental work with the chimpanzees of Africa. A short bio and a message from Jane conclude the book. This book is the perfect present for children who love animals or observing things. Also great for kids who find listening and observing a challenge because it shows that there are unexpected rewards for those who do.