The books from Amazon are as much anticipated as the bookmarks that come with them. Everyone needs a bookmark, not just adults. A bookmark can guide you to where you left or help you return to your favourite page in the whole book. Sometimes to do this, we end up folding the page; everyone doesn't keep a bookmark handy. Pretty soon the lovely book looks like a sad puppy with dogs ears strewn through it. That just won't do will it? Books are like teeth. If we take care of them, they last and last and never lose their bite.However, just any old bookmark won't do. Boring long pieces that look like a cane are no fun. Luckily, the relentless searchers of all things interesting for children at Little Kulture chanced upon the 'monster' bookmarks and the 'fox' bookmarks. Even a tiny baby likes foxes and monsters -the cute kind.You will love making these 'do it yourself' or DIY bookmarks.

A monster owl?

You can make these monster bookmarks in lots of different colours, particularly the ones you love. You can be sure that these monster bookmarks will protect your pages and anyone who tries to take your book (well, not really, but the protect thing is true).

A monster with sharp teeth

Watch and learn as the instructor at RedTed Art makes a monster bookmark that fits snugly onto the corners of the pages.

Now for the fox bookmarks. These adorable orange and white bookmarks will keep you company as you read your book. Once again, these bookmarks fit snugly into the corners of pages and look delightful.

The orange fox bookmark will make everyone envy you. Of course, envy is not a good thing so you could gift some bookmarks to them too.

Soon, you'll have an earth of foxes, which is what they call a group of foxes. That's the good thing about making stuff, you learn a lot more about them.Make the fox bookmark by watching the video here:

Now that you are armed with these wonderful bookmarks, it may make you hungry to make some more beautiful things. Red Ted Art has a beautiful craft book called which you can buy at the link Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids . This book by Maggy Woodley will help you can learn to make lots of beautiful crafts. Spend many a rainy day with busy fingers and things to share with friends!