A red unattended post box stands in our building. The children in the building run past it, unmindful of it as they would be of a lampost or a dustbin. Sometimes they get curious and ask about the slot in it. I explained it to my children once and it seemed like I was talking about a long past age. The "when I was a child.." sort of anecdote. True, Facebook and Watsapp help me stay in touch with friends far more easily. But, oh, the delicious waiting for a letter or a card from friends in far away lands, the admiring of the stamps on it and the reviewing of it, time and again.

Seven Little Postmen by Margret Wise Brown and Edith Thacher Hurd is a lovely little book that tells the journey of a secret message from a little boy to his grandmother.The letter is sent from a big city where the boy lives to the corner of a small village where his grandmother lives.

A secret message for Grandma

We take the journey with the letter from the time it is dropped into the letter box, sealed with red wax to when it is sorted into lots according to direction. Then we follow the letter as it is carried through van, plane and train till it reaches the post office on the railway track. Off again it moves, ferried with chickens for one, wigs for another and gifts for still others. Finally it reaches Grandmother who misses her grandson and the happy secret from boy to him is then finally out!

Sorting letters for the north, south, east and west

The postman we learn:

Carries letters and papers, chickens and fruitTo the people who live along his route.There were parts for a tractorAnd a wig for an actorAnd a funny post card for a little boyPlaying in his backyard.There was something for SallyAnd something forSamand something for Mrs.PotterWho was busy making jam.There were dozens of chickensFor Mrs.PickensAnd a dress for Mrs.McCarty

Rain or shine, the post must travel

The book details the technical aspects of the post such as collection, sorting, transportation, further sorting and the different types of things that are sent back and forth through  the postal services. The book with it's narrative, never makes it sound dull or uninteresting. It tells it through the seven little postmen, who are instrumental in helping the boy's secret message reach his grandmother.

Grandma gets the secret message

Seven Little Postmen is about love in a letter. Letters are eloquent epistles of communication, that can be revisited and be loved all over again. A man-devised way to hold on to feelings and thoughts in one of the most engaging way. Celebrate writing and communicating with your loved ones by writing a letter to a forgotten friend or family member and brightening up their day.