Two beautiful books by  Divya Sreenivasan enumerate the beauty of day and night. The central protogonist is Little Owl and through his eyes, day and night come alive.

In the book Little Owl's Night  the beauty and life of nighttime is pointed out to very young children. Little Owl wakes up, his eyes wide open when the night starts. He watches squirrel and raccoon scurrying to gather nuts. He sails as he watches the possum youngsters follow their mum in a row. Other inhabitants of the night like the hedgehog poke their head around the mushroom patch, while skunk gathers berries.Beavers, turtles, and fireflies are all up in the night.

Moths fluttered towards the moonSilver dust fell from their wings

Little Owl wants his friend the bear to see the moon, but all he gets in terms of a reply are his snores. Owl enjoys the night-time fog, the chirping of crickets and the croaking of frogs. Fox comes over to say hello to little owl.

Little Owl loves the forest at night. As day approaches, the bats head back to their caves. Little owl asks his mother, how the night ends. To this she replies,

The moon and stars fade to ghosts,Mama said
Spiderwebs turn to silver threads
Dewdrops sparkle on leaves and grasslike tiny stars come down.

She adds how the moonflower guided by the moon as the sunflower is by the sun, closes its petals as day dawns; the sky goes from black to the golden hue of the morning. The rooster heralds the start of the day, mother says, but Little Owl has closed his eyes and is fast asleep.

On the heels of Divya Sreenivasan's beautiful gossamer of a book, Little Owl's Night comes Little Owl's Day. Little owl loves the forest at night. This time, little Owl sees a new side of the forest in the bright light of day. This book too points out to the beauty of the day in the forest, without talking 'cute' to young readers. Owl is happy to meet the bear, watch the buzzing dragonflies and see the frolicking puppies. The silver moths of the night seem to have turned to colourful butterflies of the day!

Little Owl is surprised by the forest at day time.He makes the happy discovery of rabbit who lives in a burrow below little Owl's nest. Again day transitions into night, but this time owl shows his dear friend bear the moon.

This twin set will delight toddlers and young children, as they see the beauty of life both at night and in the day. Little Owl takes its readers through the theatre of night and day. Divya Sreenivasan's words and artwork are fluid and enchanting. Sreenivasan, through Little Owl, is perhaps nudging young readers the patterns around us, in this case, the cycle of night and day, one which we take for granted. She shows us the various types of life that depend on the light and darkness. Hopefully, these observations lead to other discoveries and questions about why it is so.

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Little Owl’s Night: Srinivasan, Divya:
Little Owl’s Night: Srinivasan, Divya:
Little Owl’s Day: Srinivasan, Divya:
Little Owl’s Day: Srinivasan, Divya: