Everybody is scared of something.Living with fear can make even the bravest person feel small. The 2008 offering from The Macmillan Children's Books  Little Mouse's Big Book Of Fears by EmilyGravett is a treat for the fearful. The book is suitable for children 4 and up. Drawing, Writing and Collage come together in this picture book cum journal for fearful little people everywhere. At the heart of this book is a little white mouse who quakes in fear about...almost everything.

He is afraid of insects, going to bed, dogs, birds, loud noises and being flushed away. He admits, " I'm afraid of nearly everything I see."

Each page encourages the reader to write about their fears. Little Mouse's Big Book Of Fears is an active book. It has phobias to know and be learned, feathers and notes to be seen and felt, a map to read and plenty of space to record fears and perhaps methods to get over them.

Children have many fears and that can make them anxious. Some children have more fear than others but everychild is afraid of something or the other. A great book for children with identify many fears and know that everyone has some sort of fear and many of them have proper names as well. The book does this to help the child put a name and thus have some control and understanding of their fear. In doing so if the fear diminishes even by a small fraction the book would have done its job.

All fears are documented in their Latin names and explained in English. Teratophobia: the fear of monsters. Little mouse has Aichmophobia: the fear of knives; who wouldn't be, especially if they were raised on stories of farmers wives cutting off lovely pink tails with carving knives!

The original manuscript was laced with yogurt and bitten by the pet rats at Emily's home in keeping with the rat theme. Rat urine stains also added to the stained finish. She used a Faber-Castell Pitt oil-based pencil for her drawings. The images were scanned and photoshopped before it achieved its final book. The Ornithophobia page has real bird feathers that were scanned and look ready to be picked up off the page.

All fears have very interesting sides. For example, Whereamiophobia has a map of The Isle of Fright. The Map shaped like a mouse points out the locations of Mount Apprehension, Tingly Spine, Great Chatter, Shaking point, Hair on End and much more. Isolophobia: the fear of solitude; the little mouse is particularly afraid of being alone in the dark, not unlike many little and not so little kids.Little Mouse who is scared of the dark Whereamiophobia: the fear of getting lost

This book can help draw out the sensitive child or even the proud one (too proud to admit) and help initiate discussions about fears and phobias. Gravett reassures the little reader that fears are all around us and that they are not alone. In helping a child acknowledge their fears, we let them know that to be fearful is normal and that fear is as old as the first man. The little mouse in the book is a companion -in -fear, a good character to use when the child is afraid. " Remember little mouse, he too was afraid...".

The book's introduction reminds the young reader:

You too can overcome your fears through the use of art! Remember! A fear faced is a fear defeated.

Don't be afraid, get your copy of this beautiful book here.

Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears: Gravett, Emily, Gravett, Emily: Amazon.nl
Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears: Gravett, Emily, Gravett, Emily: Amazon.nl