Lola.M.Schafer and Christopher Silas Neal have written and illustrated the fabulous  Lifetime: The Amazing Numbers in Animal Life.A lifetime means different things around the world. You may be excited to turn twelve. Your grandfather probably remembers the number of years he has spent working before he retired. Your mother remembers the number of birthday cakes she has baked for you. What about other inhabitants around the world? Is there a way of marking events in their life.The winner of 2014 International Reading Association Teacher’s Choice Book, 2014 Baker’s Dozen 13 Best Books for Family Literacy, An Outstanding Science Trade Book by NSTA/CBC 2014 and 2014 Junior Library Guild Selection Lifetime: The Amazing Numbers in Animal Life is a delightful chronicle of animal life measured in numbers.Did you know this interesting detail about dolphins?


Or this delightful titbit about rattlesnakes?


Meanwhile, in Australia, mamma kangaroos are blazing a trail of their own.


Crocs, those log-like lazy reptiles you say? Think again.


You can count the eggs, there really are 550 of them.Woodpeckers, caribous and seahorses, their lives measured in the antlers they shed, the roosting holes they drill and babies they have are documented in this beautiful picture book.It will help you see the world quite differently. You will realise that as you live, so do the creatures of the world each marking their time here on Earth in numbers. You will learn delightful facts about our flying, slithering and walking friends.