A child is not named till the wise old man finds a name suitable for him. He grows with no name and is called Benaam or the one without a name. The book 'The Boy Without a Name' traces his journey to when he finds his name.   I chanced upon  'The Boy Without a Name',written by Idris Shah and filled with magical illustrations by Mona Caronlist of books in the award winning list of books in the International Childrens Library . It is available on the site in both English and Spanish. It is also available in both languages as an audio book read to the background of a Middle Eastern string instrument.

The Boy Without Name as a panel

The Children's Library has books in English, Fharsi, Spanish,Dutch, Swedish,Russian, Slovenian, Japanes, Inuit, Hindi and many other languages. Many thanks to Maya Raj Krishna for pointing me in the direction of this wonderful resource.The objective of the International Children's Library is to introduce children to the cultures of the world. It hopes to increase tolerance, understanding and respect for the diverse cultures in the world. To this end it has started building on a free repository of books from around the world.

Inaba no Shirousagi is a book of Japanese fairy tales told by T.H.James. It is the story of a hare who loses his fur and eighty one princes. A child away from Japan can see how the princes of yore dressed up. The story itself is one that expounds the virtue of being kind and gentle. Books such as these are freely accessible to children.

A hare seeks to grow back his fur

The books are categorised as per language and age. The site has very easy navigation and a child can easily spend hours reading the vast and wonderful collection of books selected by the team at the library.