In his eternal poem 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' (1848) Cecil. F. Alexander penned:Each little flow’r that opens,Each little bird that sings,He made their glowing colors,He made their tiny wings.The purple-headed mountains,The river running by,The sunset and the morningThat brightens up the sky.The cold wind in the winter,The pleasant summer sun,The ripe fruits in the garden,He made them every one.Every child does not have the luxuries of getting up and seeing nature's abundance outside their windows. It becomes imperative then to point them out to children. The dandelion that peeks between the granite or the shy bougainvillaea growing on a wall or the little ladybug, grasshopper or bee who lose their way and land on the study table or tab.Numerous illustrators and writers have come out with some amazing books to capture the beauty around us that we must stop to take time and see, even if only for a minute. They strengthen us and lift our spirits in ways we can never fully explain.

How to be a Wildflower: A Field Guide

How to be a Widflower: A Field Guide by Katie Davies encourages readers to explore the spaces beyond the urban jungles. Her illustrations in earthy colours celebrate nature. Readers are encouraged to press flowers, hike in the moonlight and become a free spirit. Intended for adult readers, children will enjoy reading this book nevertheless.

Davies has extensively documented plant and animal species in her neighbourhood and encourages readers to do the same.Take a look at the book trailer.

Wander, Gather, Savour and Ponder with How to be a Wildflower: A Field Guide.

The Kid's Guide to Exploring Nature (BBC Guides for a Greener Planet)

Our next find takes us through the woods, the beaches, and a city park. The experts at Brooklyn Botanic Garden have put together an amazingly illustrated book as well as suggestions on how to observe ecosystems and their inhabitants with a naturalist's eye.Well researched The Kid's Guide to Exploring Nature (BBG Guides for a Greener Planet) is Winner, Hands-on Science category, 2015 American Association for the Advancement of Science Subaru Prize for Excellence in Science Books.

nature guide

The Tree Book For Kids And Their Grown-Ups

Spot a tree by knowing about its leaves. Featuring 33 different trees that grow in North America, from rural Georgia,   the streets of New Yor and the suburbs of California. Watercolour illustrations by author Gina Ingoglia include the tree in a season, its leaves, and seeds. The Tree Book For Kids And Their Grown-Ups is a fantastic read for children and parents alike to know about the silent bringers of rain, providers of shade and home to many species.


Image credit: tree blog

The Wonder Garden: Wander through 5 habitats to discover 80 amazing animals

A rainforest, a Black forest, majestic snow capped mountains, a desert, and a coral reef come to life for young readers. The Himalayas, the Amazon, The Great Coral Reef and Chihuahuan desert with inhabitants native to them by Jenny Broom are a delight. Engraved illustrations make this book a real treat. Come know more about the world you live in - The Wonder Garden.

wonder garden

Nature's Day

Kay Maguire helps little readers explore the biodiversity around them. The algae-ridden pond near the apartment is life teeming. Bugs, storks, reeds all living and breathing. She takes them to a farm and a back yard, encouraging children to notice the buzz of plant and animal life around them. The book also travels through the seasons and the changes our environment goes through. Nature's Day is a must have for all nature lovers.

natures day

Tree: A Peek-Through Picture Book

Britta Teckentrups amazing hole book, we can get into a gloriously large tree and take a look at all the animals and birds in it. Bear cubs, squirrels, an owl, and bees are some of the inhabitants of the tree. Tree  is a  great book for very young readers.