It is always wonderful to receive a book review from a young reader because it means a child is reading, absorbing and wanting to share their take on the book. Little Kulture is happy to present the review of third-grader Pritwish Kundu, an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction. This is his take on Alex Bell’s books The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club and Explorers on Witch Mountain (The Polar Bear Explorers Club).

Hello everybody, my name is Prithwish Kundu, and I live in Singapore. I am 8 years old and study in third grade.

I recommend two books authored by Alex Bell to those who like exploration, some fantasy and a little violence. The first one is “The Polar Bear Explorers Club” and the second one is, “Explorers on Witch Mountain”. There you will meet four explorer clubs. The Polar bear explorers’ club goes to the Icelands, The Jungle Cat Explorers’ Club goes to the jungles, The Desert Jackal Explorers’ Club explores three deserts and finally, the Ocean Squid Explorers’ Club explores the seven oceans.

The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club

In the first book “The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club”, the Ocean Squid and the Polar Bear Explorers’ Clubs travel to get to the coldest part of the Icelands. Here they come across a long and narrow bridge over a deep chasm. Suddenly something scares the wolves and the unicorn pulling the sledge of the four junior explorers, causing the animals to run up the ice bridge. When they were in the middle of the bridge, it starts to crack fast starting from the back. The animals become afraid and wonder if they will make it across or not. The story is full of good and a few bad characters. I like the story because through their journey I could visit different parts of the world just like the explorers did a long time ago.

Explorers on Witch Mountain

Stella Starflake Pearl is an Ice Princess who was orphaned and abandoned in the snow. Felix found her in an expedition and adopted her. In the second book, “Explorers on Witch Mountain”, Stella and Ethan want to rescue Felix who flies on a giant vulture to Witch Mountain. My favourite part of the story is when Stella and Ethan sneak into the Polar Bear Explorers Club from a sewage pipe and steal a map of Witch Mountain. When they try to steal the Tiara which Stella planned to use to freeze the witch Jezzybella, they smash and break the glass enclosure. An alarm sets off and the iron gates come down on their escape route. Here I loved the daredevil acts of the junior explorers.

The stories are examples of resilience, adaptability and cooperation. All the junior explorers adapted to the freezing environment and cooperated to share their supplies. They used resilience and did not run away from going to the coldest part of the Icelands or when they were surrounded by flying sharks.

I feel these books will be appealing to kids aged 8 years and above.