Emily and Carlo is a picture book that depicts the beautiful story of unconditional love between the poetess Emily Dickenson and her dog Carlo. Carlo was gifted to Emily and stayed with her for sixteen years. The otherwise reclusive Emily went on long walks with Carlo, discovering the woods around her house. A shy, introspective young woman Dickenson spoke through her written words.

Emily, lonely and sad

Emily was a quiet young person, who enjoyed spending time with her sister and her brother. When they both left, Emily felt alone.Her father noticed her loneliness and gave her a Newfoundland pup who she named Carlo.

Opposites Attract

Emily and Carlo spend many happy times together and he was her constant companion for sixteen years till the time he died. Emily, quiet, reclusive and waif like; Carlo, large and bounding; the two made an interesting pair. Carlo listened quietly as his mistress found her poetic voice, encouraging her with his complete faith in her, simply by being by her side. He led the way through the beautiful countryside, showing Emily a beauty she may have never explored if it were not for Carlo.

Emily wrote some of her best poetry after she found Carlo. This shy writer blossomed in Carlo's companionship.  He pulled her out of her reticence and through his constantness gave her much delight. Emily was deeply moved by Carlo's companionship that on his death she wrote her famous pithy but powerful lines in which she recounted who the true owner was.

‘Twas my one Glory —Let it beRemembered I was owned of Thee —

This picture book is written by Marty Rhodes Figley and illustrated by Catherine Stock. It celebrates a long and enduring friendship between two kindred souls, different though their species may be. It reminds us that love and friendship truly transcend any differences we might have.Buy Emily and Carlo by clicking here.